rental 1 rental 2
50kg washing machine
70kg dryer

With this in mind, we have created a partnership with our unique Leasing Company to allow you to purchase the best possible equipment easily and with the minimum of impact to your cash flow and forget about maintenance and bills.
G.A.G Laundry Equipment Ltd not only delivers quality products direct, but supplies peace of mind with technical support and after sales service to all our customers.

The Benefits of Leasing

  • 100% Tax Efficient All payments qualify for up to 100% tax relief (unlike a bank loan), which can dramatically reduce costs, in most cases by around 21%.
  • Improved Cash flow Keep cash in your bank.
  • Unsecured borrowing the equipment that is being leased is the only security that is generally necessary. Leasing / Monthly Payment Plans
  • Maintain cash within your business by paying for your laundry equipment monthly. 
    Fixed payments per month allow your business to plan monthly expenditure
    100% tax efficient if you are VAT registered
    Own your equipment at the end of your lease purchase term
    Pay monthly over a 3, 4 or 5 year term For a free no obligation quote, call today on 99684600 Gabriel or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • You have nothing to lose! Based on a lease for 1x 80kg washing machine high speed and for 1x100kg dryer you could pay only €15,00 +vat per day include free parts and maintenances during our contract which is 5 years.


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About Us

A unique culture thrives at GAG commercial laundries equipments suppliers and has enabled us to become the leading independent distributor of commercial laundry equipments in CYPRUS.

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