Barrier Washers (aseptic) LCA Models

Barrier washers (aseptic)
LCA Models / Factor G 360-450
High spin soft-mounted washer extractors, do not require anchorage.
Equipped with two lockable doors, one for loading and one for unloading washer (laundry loaded at front and unloaded
at rear), separating the dirty zone from the clean zone by a wall or screen.
Touch screen (4.3”) with fully programmable microprocessor (26 pre-set modifiable programmes, rest available for programming) except LCA-90.
3 water inlets (cold-hot and soft water).
Stainless steel body, drum and tub.
Multiple language settings. Update of software and export of data via USB pen drive.
Solid soap dispenser: 4-compartment drawer, mod. LCA-16/22/35/50/66 with non-return system.
Liquid soap dispenser: 8 programmable signals (time and delay) + 6 optional.
Pulley, belt and inverter transmission with automatic imbalance sensor.
Delayed start operating system and advance programmes, cancel thermal stop (heating). View statistics.
Wet cleaning: special wash for delicate garments with minimum mechanical action.
CE certificate and ETL (USA, Canada) certification, (W)-Ras (United Kingdom) and GOST (Russia).
Allows linen to go directly to the flatwork ironer, without the need for drying first (flatwork).
Optimal loading: enter weight of laundry in programmer for savings in water, heating and chemicals.

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