High capacity flatwork ironers Ø 600/800/1000mm with length folder

High capacity flatwork ironers Ø 600/800/1000mm with length folder

Wall ironers Ø 600/800/1000 with linen front feed and delivery (optional rear part) using Nomex feeding belts.
Length folder: 1-line and 2-line totally independent pneumatic folder, makes two length folds using photocells (sheets,
large and small table linen).
Pressure roll system with NOMEX ironing belts which cover 75% of the roll diameter.
White enamelled steel unit.
Polished steel roll, with finger guard.
Fully programmable touch screen with microprocessor.
Automatic stop system for cooling (80 ºC).
Gas burner, two versions: atmospheric and radiant (25% more production).
Allows linen to go directly from the high spin washer to the flatwork ironer, without the need for drying first (flatwork).
CE certificate and gas certifications.

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